Making old technology NEW again! Ed Haass, diagnosing a 1920’s era Nash Vacuum Pump

Mission Goals

"The only thing that costs more than repairing steam traps is ignoring them."

The ’Golden Age’ of Steam System installations came to an end around 1960, due to the rising popularity of less expensively installed natural gas ‘burnt air’ and hot water heating systems. New Steam Systems became relegated to industrial applications and additions to existing buildings. In those days, new steam system buildings disappeared overnight, and the related knowledge waned away shortly after. Insight and methods once widely practiced by the Grand Old Steam Men have disappeared, as they have retired over the last 50 years. A scant few today can testify to the effective and efficient capabilities of a ‘tight’ steam system. Even less remain that can recognize the symptoms of failures, or identify the problems inherent in blending new technologies such as piping patterns, condensate and vacuum pumps, modern heat exchangers, together with older methods. This knowledge is essential in maintaining peak operational efficiency. In working The Steam Trap Center, you can realize the knowledge and get these hard to find answers and solutions.

"You can't control steam if your traps are bad."

Ed Haass Sales Company’s mission has been to assist and educate all those who wish to improve and maintain long term Steam System efficiency. In 25 years, over 1000 building surveys of all types have been performed. Surveys such as residential, commercial and industrial facilities, from small homes to large campuses to buildings spanning over a million square feet have been successfully rejuvenated. The time spent from crawling in tunnels to scouring sky scrapers has given Ed Haass a large catalog of insights and knowledge. It is the intent of this web site to give to those looking for information and a ‘fix’ to their problems. When trying to ‘figure things out’, such as steam pipes banging, rooms overheating, pumps not pumping, steam spewing from the vents, etc., Ed Haass Sales Company has your solutions. To those ends, visit the FAQ section, which addresses the commonly asked questions. If the info there isn’t helpful send a note through ‘ask the experts’ and let’s see what’s cooking. That’s what we do BEST!