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With nearly 25 years of field experience, Ed Haass is acknowledged and respected as the industry expert in the rejuvenation and restoration of Steam Distribution Systems.

Known as an Educator and Resource for Steam Trap applications, methods, and materials Mr. Haass has performed over 1,000 detailed on-site Building Surveys from residential homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, chemical companies and as large as the old GM HQ complex. Mr. Haass’s expertise has provided training, services and support to Contractors, Maintenance Personnel, Building Owners, and Management Companies throughout Michigan, and into Ohio and Illinois as well as east coast USA.

Mr. Haass and the Steam Trap Center excel at returning old and new steam systems to energy efficiency, and eliminating complaints of inadequacies that have plagued residential, commercial and industrial buildings for decades. Benefits of a properly operational Steam Generation System include energy savings, reduced heating complaints, reduced water and chemical losses, increased equipment lifespan, tenant comfort, no noise (no more banging pipes!) and elimination of wasted man hours chasing problems. In addition, successes in the diagnosis of steam related failures have resulted in reductions of steam losses by as much as 55%!

The Steam Trap Center is a parts distribution hub and educational center providing in-field Steam Trap Seminars, In Service Training, Steam Trap Surveys and Repair Recommendations. Annual & semi-annual seminars are provided to Unions 636, 547, 333, RSES, etc.

Clients who have utilized and continue to rely on Mr. Haass for his expertise include: Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Detroit Public Schools, Chevron, Viron and Siemens to name just a few.

Don’t let your Steam Trap problems leave YOU or your building out in the cold…

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